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Cyber-lobby is Dota 2 for money

Cyber-lobby is a unique project that allows you to earn real money while playing Dota 2. The system is fully automatic and runs on Steam api. To start getting money you just have to place a bet on your winning and then just play Dota with other players who are not interested financially.

ESport is like any other sport, and like in any sport there are some great money invested.  The Cyber-lobby project was specifically designed so not only professional Dota 2 players could earn money using their skills but also every player who is confident about his playing techniques could get some cash. You have to agree that playing DotA for money is much more interesting than just playing it for fun.  A strong desire to win appears and the results of your game improve, because of the fact that you have a goal of winning some real money.

We accept payments via Webmoney and Qiwi. You can make a withdrawal through the same payment systems, or using different systems, after making a request to our support.
We wish you pleasant and professional DotA matches!