Gacha Heat

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Gacha Heat

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Creating the Anime Character of Your Dreams

Gacha Heat shines particularly in the character creation aspect. In a world teeming with endless options, the app allows users to design anime characters of their choice. With the freedom to characterize each figure according to your vision, you might just be creating your next favorite anime character!

Love Stories that Captivate

Possibly the most exciting element in Gacha Heat is the ability to develop stories involving the characters you've created. This MOD is primed to facilitate the creation of engrossing love stories or romance narratives. These narrative arcs, also known as Gacha Heat, are presently in vogue within the Gacha community.

Gameplay and Aesthetics

Gacha Heat’s gameplay bears a striking resemblance to Gacha Club's. However, what sets it apart is the immense variety of selection features available while personalizing characters. With easy-to-use controls and a user interface, the app offers smooth navigation that contributes to an overall enjoyable gaming experience.

Visuals and Graphics

If you're a fan of bright, striking visuals, then Gacha Heat won't disappoint. The game boasts rich, anime-styled graphics that magically bring your characters to life. You’ll be thrilled at how realistic your characters appear, giving a more authentic touch to your created stories.

Download and Update Process

Currently, Gacha Heat is available for free download on Android devices and Windows (PC), and soon for iOS.  A point to note is that, being a mod, Gacha Heat doesn't support automatic updates. Hence, the user must manually uninstall and reinstall the new version whenever an update is released, with v1.0.0 being the most recent version.


All in all, Gacha Heat MOD is a delightful app, perfect for anime enthusiasts or fans of the original Gacha Life. Its extraordinary features allow for a thrilling exploration of creativity and generate a truly engaging gaming experience. While it does entail manual updating from time to time, the benefits that it offers undoubtedly outweigh this minor caveat. Dive into the riveting world of characters and tales awaiting to be discovered with Gacha Heat!


  • Extensive features for character customization
  • Easiness in creating captivating love and romance stories
  • Bright, vibrant visuals and graphics
  • User-friendly controls and interface.


  • Lack of automatic updates
  • Limited to Android and PC (Windows) users currently.

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 7

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8

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