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Roblox Review: Millions of Unique Gaming Experiences Within One Android App

Gameplay: To Infinity and Beyond

Roblox is generally based on community-created game modes and servers, while its community is large and creative. The developer tools are rather flexible, allowing to create a whole variety of game modes, starting with roller coaster rides and ending with rap battles. There are so many game modes that it is impossible even to list them all in one article. The gameplay, therefore, varies from server to server. The Mobile version lacks some features, as it has less buttons available, so some servers and game modes are not supported on Android.

Graphics: Outdated Visually

The visual part of Roblox is probably the weakest one. The game does not only look pretty outdated and lacking details, it also has a style similar to Minecraft, which is repulsive for some gamers. The original platform was released in 2006 and hasn't seen major graphic updates since. It has been upscaled for modern resolutions, but it is not enough. Though, for Android, it might not be that bad, as it looks almost at the same level as most Unity games do. In case you do not have problems with such a Style, you will still be able to enjoy Roblox's games.

Controls: Could be Better on Mobile

Android version could face some improvements in terms of controls. The platform itself does not usually require you to use more than two buttons convenient for mobile devices. However, some servers and game modes require more sophisticated controls, and some are not compatible with the mobile version at all. Roblox was initially designed for PC, and it is visible in the mobile port.

Verdict: Try It

You most probably should try playing Roblox, as it has a lot of unique community-created content. In case the graphic style is fine for you, you will be impressed by the variety of game modes and servers available. The controls may be another obstacle on your way, but Roblox is still a worthy mobile game.


  • A lot of community-created content
  • Various game modes for any taste
  • Addictive gameplay and huge replay value.


  • Outdated graphics, which are very lacking details
  • The visual style close to Minecraft won't appeal to everybody
  • Controls on Android are an issue. Some servers do not support mobile users.

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 8

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8

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