Apex Legends Season 21: Upheaval Starts May 6th, New Trailer Showcases Alter

Respawn Entertainment recently unveiled a gameplay trailer for the upcoming season of Apex Legends, named "Upheaval," which is set to commence on May 6th. This season promises excitement with the introduction of a new Skirmisher Legend, Alter, and a host of updates to the Broken Moon map.

Alter brings unique abilities to the battlefield. Her Tactical skill, Void Passage, allows her to create portals that penetrate ceilings and walls seamlessly. Additionally, she has the capability to locate and retrieve an item from death boxes without having to physically approach them. Her ultimate ability, Void Nexus, sets up a translocator that provides her entire team the ability to teleport to its location, which is a handy feature even for downed teammates.

The portals generated from Alter's Void Passage and the Nexus Relay from her Ultimate are accessible to all players, adding a layer of strategic complexity to the game. 

This season also marks the exciting return of the Solos mode, now enhanced with a six-week takeover. This version introduces respawn tokens and weapons that come pre-upgraded, elevating the gameplay experience.

The landscape of Broken Moon has undergone dramatic changes following the collision with Olympus, resulting in the elimination of the Promenade area. New features such as zip rails and Ferrofluid have been added to enrich player interactions and the tactical aspects of the map.

These enhancements propel Apex Legends forward, offering novel and seasoned players exciting new challenges and evolving gameplay options. The current season particularly boosts tactical depth, intensifying the engagement within the Apex battlegrounds like never before.

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