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Real Estate & Rentals – Zillow Review

Design and navigation: Get Used to It

The Zillow app's design is rather unstable: sometimes, it is impressively comfortable, and sometimes you find yourself looking for a simple feature for several minutes. The trickiest part of the design is the searching process. It is very easy and comfortable to find a place: you may enter the exact address or open the map and look through available options. However, the filters are not so intuitive and easy to use. You will spend some time learning to configure them correctly. In other terms, the app corresponds to modern user interface design trends: the buttons for main sections are located below, and it is more or less easy to navigate through the rest of the app.

Features and usability: Pretty Powerful

Zillow is one of the best rental apps available in terms of features. You can buy, sell or rent a house or an apartment, which is the most important part. But there is also a bunch of useful additional features. For example, you can have a virtual 3D tour through some apartments, which makes the selection process easier. There is also a variety of filters, which help you select the exact place you need. The information about apartments and pricing is comparably detailed, and there is an option to subscribe to certain places and get notifications as soon as they become available.

Security: Beware the Scams

Real estate business usually attracts different kinds of scammers, and frauds and Zillow is no exception. Though the moderators are constantly working, there still might be incorrect information, non-existing houses for sale & rent or scammers trying to benefit from renting your apartment. Zillow is also a platform to create leads for realtors, which means they might get your contacts and try to offer you something you were interested in on the app.

Verdict: Comparably Good Choice

Despite its disadvantages, Zillow is still a nice choice to list or select an apartment or a house. There are plenty of listings, which both gives you a great choice, in case you are looking to rent a place, or a price range to compare with your place, in case you are willing to rent it.

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