Dead Space Remake Wins Praise from the Creator of Callisto Protocol

Electronic Arts Motive studio’s remake of the classic 2008 video game Dead Space has been critically acclaimed by both gamers and industry critics. It has also earned the approval of the original game's creator, Glen Schofield, and his daughter, Nicole. Glen Schofield is also the creator of a recently released space horror title, The Callisto Protocol.

Glen Schofield has shared his praise for the developers of Dead Space’s remake on his daughter’s LinkedIn profile. He thanked the developers for being faithful to the original game and acknowledged the hard work of the original creators of Dead Space. In addition to congratulating the EA Motive team, Nicole Schofield also acknowledged the developers of the original game.

The Callisto Protocol was released to mixed reviews, with many comparing it to both Dead Space and its remake. Critics concluded that the newer version of the classic title outperformed the former. This was attributed largely to technical issues that plagued the former from its launch.

To further honor the developers of the Dead Space Remake, Glen Schofield has launched a competition for independent game developers. In the competition, developers will compete with games based on Dead Space’s world. The top prize will include a console of the game developer's choice.

In conclusion, the success of Dead Space Remake was an emotional moment for Glen Schofield, who quickly congratulated the developers. His daughter, Nicole, was also proud of the Motive team and acknowledged the original game's creators. Glen has also launched a competition in honor of the remake’s success, with developers invited to compete with games set within the world of Dead Space.

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