Epic Games Offers 'The Elder Scrolls Online' and 'Murder by Numbers' Free of Charge

As retailers and developers around the globe constantly strive to incentivize players, Epic Games unveils its latest offerings, it's giving away 'The Elder Scrolls Online' and 'Murder by Numbers for a limited time frame. Few can resist such an appealing gesture, especially considering these acclaimed games, which are now available free of charge. The move is highly beneficial to Epic Store users as it allows them to save money while still getting their hands on reputable game titles.

"The Elder Scrolls Online," developed by ZeniMax Online Studios, is a renowned MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) set in the Elder Scrolls universe. Released in 2014, the game has stayed relevant with frequent updates and large, immersive expansions. The game already has an immense fanbase and offers richly detailed scenery, numerous customizable options, and an engrossing quest system. This offering by Epic Games will undoubtedly bring in an influx of new players intrigued by the opportunity to dive into this fantasy world free of cost.

'Murder by Numbers,' on the other hand, invites players into a more unique setting, a detective visual novel radiating 90s aesthetics. The game, developed by Mediatonic, hit the market in 2020. It revolves around Honor Mizhari, who, after becoming a murder suspect herself, turns detective to clear her name. The game charms players with its catchy soundtrack by Masakazu Sugimori, memorable characters, and a captivating mix of visual novel storytelling and Picross puzzle solving.

This generous offering from Epic Games aligns with its strategy of attracting and retaining players by providing free games on rotation. Since its launch, Epic Games has managed to garner strong player retention by giving away popular games like 'Grand Theft Auto V', 'Civilisation VI' and many others. The complementary availability of 'The Elder Scrolls Online' and 'Murder by Numbers' continues this tradition.

In conclusion, this Epic Games’s free offering is a significant opportunity for players to explore or reconnect with these two well-regarded titles. For newcomers into the world of MMORPGs or interactive visual novels, receiving such high-quality games without shelling out money is a golden chance not to be missed. And for Epic Games, it's an effective tool to expand their user base, proving once again that being generous in business can yield rewarding dividends.

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