Final Fantasy XV Sales Exceed 10M Copies

The Final Fantasy series from Square Enix is ​​one of the most popular and famous franchises. The release of each part had commercial success, thanks to which it is at the top of the best-selling games of all time. Final Fantasy XV also made its contribution to this piggy bank. Last week, the developer company announced that sales of this part exceeded 10 million copies. In 2016, FF XV first appeared on video game consoles; two years later, the version for Windows and the Pocket Edition, developed for iOS and Android, were added to it.

By the way, from 2020 to 2021, the title was available in the Game Pass catalog. And PlayStation 5 owners can play the game with a PS Plus subscription. Because of it, the total number of gamers who have played Final Fantasy XV should be much higher. However, even sales of 10 million copies in over five years are excellent. The company representatives on Twitter sincerely thanked users for their support. At the moment, it is the last part of the main franchise.

Recall that, traditionally, the plots of the parts are not interconnected. In FF XV, the action takes place in the familiar world of Eos and is associated with the kingdom of Lucis. The main character is a prince named Noctis, who goes on a dangerous journey to regain his throne. In terms of gameplay, the game is action-oriented, so it has a well-developed combat system. Although opinions differ among franchise fans about this part, it still found its audience.

By the way, Square Enix announced the release of the XVI series two years ago, but the exact date is still unknown. It is reported that the development is at the last stage, and even the trailer for the game is already ready, which they promise to show very soon. Are you a fan of the franchise? Have you played FF XV? Which part of the series is your favorite?

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