Fortnite Player Counts Now Visible in Discover Tab, Helps Non-Epic Creators to Benchmark Their Work

Fortnite's Discover tab has recently been updated with a new feature that allows players to view how many active participants are currently playing each experience. This includes both Epic Games' official modes like Battle Royale and experiences from non-Epic creators. The change could prove useful for these creators as it provides an easy way for them to compare their work against the more popular Epic titles.

One of the biggest advantages of the new player count feature is that it gives creators visibility into how well their creations are doing compared to Epic's official games. This will help them analyze which aspects of their game need improvement and make adjustments accordingly. It also offers insight into what kind of content is most popular with gamers and what type they should focus on creating next time around. Additionally, knowing exactly how many people are playing can be helpful when promoting projects or looking for sponsorships; having concrete numbers on hand will make pitching easier than ever before.

As expected, Epic's Battle Royale mode continues to be by far the most popular experience available on Fortnite, followed closely by Zero Build – its no-building spinoff introduced last year, according to data collected in the game’s Discover tab representing global participant counts at any given time as confirmed by spokesperson Dan Walsh. Other fan-made experiences still have a long way to go before they can compete with these juggernauts. Still, this feature should help encourage them further down this path since it makes progress much easier to track and measure as opposed to estimating based on anecdotal evidence or guesswork alone.

This update may also bring about some positive changes within gaming communities, generally speaking. Having exact numbers visible may lessen competitive divides between different groups of players who don’t realize just how many others there actually are participating in each game or genre overall, which could lead to increased cooperation among fans instead of unnecessary rivalry caused by false assumptions or lack thereof concerning size disparities between individual projects or genres altogether.

All in all, Fortnite adding player counts into its Discover tab was an excellent decision that should benefit both Epic Games’ official modes as well as non-Epic created experiences alike; not only does it offer those working behind the scenes an easy way of gauging success levels but also potentially reduce competition between different gaming groups while improving collaboration within communities worldwide due greater awareness overall concerning participation rates across various genres and titles alike.

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