‘Go Live Together’ Feature Coming to YouTube Soon

YouTube plans to roll out a new feature that will allow featured creators to co-host a stream with guests after receiving an invite. At first, the new feature will be available only on mobile devices, and therefore only the authors who broadcast from their smartphones will have access to it. Meanwhile, the list of authors with access to it will expand over time.

In order to start co-streaming, the creator must either schedule it in advance from a PC in order to start broadcasting later from their smartphone or immediately start broadcasting from a mobile device. And although it is possible to alternate guests during a live broadcast, only one of them can be present at a time. Immediately after the invitation to the broadcast, the selected guest will be displayed with a stream feed.

If you have access to the “Go Live Together” feature, then there are simple rules for using it. To begin with, the author must fill in all the necessary data about his upcoming broadcast, you also need to select the “Invite a co-streamer” section, where you can invite a guest to your live broadcast. If the guest accepted the invitation, they will enter the waiting room and after confirmation by both the host and the guest of readiness, allowing them to start a joint stream.

In such guest streams, as well as everywhere else on YouTube, there may be ads, but only the host will receive a profit. For now, broadcast information will not be displayed on the guest's page, but this important aspect will change in the near future. The decision to add such a feature was a logical step after its appearance on the platform's competitors, including Twitch and TikTok.

Do you like the live broadcast format with two people? On which platform is this feature implemented most conveniently? Please share your thoughts below.


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