Google Added Switch to Enable Material You Style in Slides, Sheets, and Docs

The design of Material You was created by Google to minimize the performance requirements of using the applications. As a result, users could use pretty much any device when working in some applications. A recent update brought in a new toggle to enable Material You design in applications such as Slides, Sheets, and Docs. 

First of all, it differs in its size from its predecessor, since it can be seen with the naked eye that the new one is larger. The switch itself is made in the form of a pill. Also, the concept of changes allows the switcher to fit better into application design due to the new color mapping.

According to Google's testing company, Slides , Sheets, and Docs will now come with a new toggle that will be located in the editor's overflow menu for Star, Available offline, Suggested changes, and Print layout. This new Material You design switcher was available in update 1.22.442.03.90 for Google Slides, Sheets, and Docs. Also, as part of the implementation of the new design, Google began to use a new element in the settings.

The company is actively working on improving Material You, which is why last week Google introduced several color themes as part of this design for Chrome Canary. For those who are not familiar with this application, it will be interesting to know that it is a Google experiment, in some way an offshoot of the Google Chrome browser. Google claims that the new functionality will allow the theme color to adapt to the color of the background image without any additional action on the part of the user.

Do you like the Material You design idea? Do you think it is worth implementing it in all Google applications? Please share your thoughts below.


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