Google Launches “Nearby Share” For Android

On August 5, Google announced that a brand new file sharing option would soon be added to Android 6 and newer versions of the operating system. Nearby Share works similarly to the good old Apple’s AirDrop feature and makes it much easier to share files, links, and media with Android users nearby.

Must-have Update?

Similarly to AirDrop, Nearby Share lets you detect all the Android devices around you and select the one you want to share something with. The user who wants to receive files can allow downloading and receive them in seconds.

Different from AirDrop, Google’s option makes it possible to select the most appropriate sharing technology. The list includes Bluetooth (plus BT Low Energy), secured P2P WiFi, and WebRTC.

Adding to that, you can share and receive files anonymously or permit your identity visibility only for a list of particular contacts. Privacy settings are available right from the Quick Settings menu in the sharing tab.

As for the versatility, you will soon be able to use the feature not only on Pixel and Samsung devices but on other popular smartphones and tablets too. In addition, Google is already testing the same feature for Chromebooks. The update for ChromeOS will be out in a few months.

Huge Step

Although this feature isn’t technologically new for the industry, we consider it a huge step for Google toward creating a more versatile ecosystem of gadgets. Compatibility has always been an advantage of Android and other Google products, so we also hope to see a bundle for Windows computers and an app for macOS X. Will you benefit from the new feature? Or maybe you know a more versatile solution for file sharing on Android devices? Join the conversation in the comments and ask us questions on the topic.

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