Google Maps Announce an Update

Google Maps posted an announcement on Tuesday stating that a number of features are to roll out in select countries. In particular, you will get the ability to check toll prices for specific roads before you go on a trip. The iOS edition of the app is also going to see an update that adds a pinned widget to your home screen and a possibility to navigate to Google Maps directly from your Apple Watch. This is just a part of the announcement made by Google regarding the upcoming change. It turns out integration with Shortcuts and Siri for Google Maps on iOS is also underway.


According to Google’s post, the first countries to try the toll price feature will be Indonesia, India, Japan, and the US. This update is expected to arrive later this month. Once you have it on your phone, you’ll be able to see the estimated price of your trip based on the toll pricing for the roads you are going to use. The company noted that it’s the local agencies responsible for tolling that the app will reply for price data. Various payment methods are another variable that will be taken into account when calculating the cost of your journey; the day of the week, as well as the time you choose, might influence it, too. Don’t despair if you are going to a destination that’s not on the list, though, because Google has promised to include more countries soon.


For those users who don’t want to pay for road use, the Avoid Tolls feature will be included. As for the new widget, count on it for your estimated arrival time as well as the next transport’s departure time. It will also give you directions to help you get to your destinations. Do these updates sound promising to you? Leave a comment down below to share your impressions and expectations.


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