Google Search Becomes More Inclusive with Multilingual Results

Google Search is looking to become more inclusive of different languages and dialects by introducing bilingual search results. Starting with Hindi as the second language, users will be able to get results in two languages, as well as being able to understand mixed-language queries through voice search. This will make it easier for users in multilingual markets, such as India, to access the information they need. 

Google Search is already able to mix and match results from English and other languages, but the knowledge graph cards have not been included in this feature. This means that users have to switch between language experiences entirely, which can be a cumbersome process. This update looks to make the process much easier, as users will now be able to get results in two languages without having to change the device language or type out the query in another language. 

Additionally, Google’s voice search will also be getting the ability to understand mixed-language queries. This will make it even easier for users to get the information they need in the language they are most comfortable with. The update will also make it easier for users to access the knowledge graph cards, which provide helpful information about a variety of topics. 

The update is a major step towards making Google Search more inclusive and accessible for all users, regardless of language. By making it easier to access information in different languages, Google is helping to bridge the language barrier and make the internet more accessible for everyone. 

Google’s new update to its search engine is a great step towards making the internet more accessible and inclusive for all users. By introducing bilingual search results and allowing users to understand mixed-language queries through voice search, Google is making it easier for people in multilingual markets to access the information they need.

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