Google to Add Imagen AI Technology to Gboard Keyboard

With Google's Gboard keyboard app being one of the most popular and widely used for Android, it's no surprise that the tech giant is planning on adding more features and capabilities. This time, Google is incorporating its research project called Imagen into the mix. Imagen will bring photorealistic AI imagery to help spice up creative expression when using Gboard to make conversations more engaging.

Google first introduced Imagen in May 2022 as an attempt to harness artificial intelligence (AI) with textual prompts to generate photorealistic images. The model consists of a text encoder, a text-to-image diffusion model, and a resolution-enhancing diffusion model, all working together to create high-quality visuals from simple words or phrases. According to 9to5Google, references found within the code of the latest beta version (v12.7.05507749191) suggest that “Imagen Keyboard” could become part of Gboard soon enough with shortcuts such as theme settings, GIF selector, and Google Translate integration already present among others features already available today within Gboard itself or through other integrated apps like Maps or Play Store services etc.

As far as how exactly this new feature will be implemented into Gboard remains unknown at this point. However, we can expect plenty of exciting new possibilities for creative expression through fast access AI generated images directly from one’s keyboard without having leaving whatever app they are currently using, which would save plenty of time compared going out looking for suitable visuals online then coming back once a sufficient image has been found.

The possibility that users can now create messages quickly with images based on specific topics without opening separate applications is not only convenient but also revolutionary - especially when considering how much easier it makes communicating via messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger while still keeping everything looking professional if need be due too its photorealism factor provided by advanced technologies like neural networks and deep learning algorithms which allow machine learning models such as Imagen work their magic so well that they can even beat out human generated artwork based on specific criteria including sharpness level accuracy etc.

In conclusion while there isn't any official confirmation yet regarding whether Imagen powered images will become part of gboards arsenal just yet however given google’s track record, it wouldn't be surprising if these rumors turn out true eventually, although whether Imagen powered photos would prove useful over existing methods remain unclear at least until we see them officially released sometime down road later down the line whenever google decides do so.

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