Meta Oversight Board to Increase Content Moderation and Speed Up Decision Making Process

Meta Platforms’ Oversight Board recently announced its plans to review and make rulings on more types of content moderation cases, as well as expedite some decisions. The board was created in late 2020 and has since published 35 case decisions. This move could help the board reach a broader range of content moderation decisions, as well as make them faster. 

The board, which consists of 22 members, said it will now start publishing decisions on some cases in as little as 48 hours after accepting a case, while others could take up to 30 days. This expedited decision-making process is likely to help the board more quickly address controversial content. 

The board has been looking at cases involving hate speech, misinformation, and other sensitive topics. It has also been examining whether the social media giant Facebook and Instagram have been properly applying their content policies when making decisions on whether to take down or leave up certain content. 

The board has the power to uphold or overturn the company's decisions and has implemented a public comment process to help inform its rulings. This process allows people to submit feedback on cases and give the board a better understanding of how decisions could affect the people involved in the case.

The board said it is committed to providing a transparent and fair process for reviewing cases. It also said it would continue to work on improving its process and expanding its reach. 

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