Mod for GTA: San Andreas: Better Late Than Never

The world saw a new mod for the classic version of GTA: San Andreas. From now on, you can wander the streets of the good old city as if you finally bought yourself glasses and saw them all around in their true colors.

If you want to do better, do it yourself. Presumably, this slogan was guided by the modder flyaway888, who took the courage to improve the classic Rockstar sandbox of 2004 and challenge the famous creator of remasters.

As you know, last November, Grove Street Games released the  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Definitive Edition while removing the original version from the market. The developer hoped to make a good profit on the updated version. After all, of all the games in the long-running open-world franchise, GTA: SA is considered one of the best GTA games. However, it did not happen as expected. Instead, the remaster received tons of negative feedback from players worldwide due to its low quality, particularly terrible visuals.

Instead, the new free mod managed to polish the original San Andreas world and breathe life into it. He upscaled it "six times" to get a clearer picture. As a result, the player can see small details like cracks in the road, stores' signs, and even facial expressions and enjoy a clear horizon.

Have you tried playing with the new mod yet? Tell us about your impressions! What else needs to be improved in the old version? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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