Niantic Forgets to Add Blanche Lapras Costume and Causes Game Crashes

Pokémon Go players are in for a shock today as the much-awaited A Mystic Hero event launched without one of its key features – the new Blanche Lapras costume. The event, which was set to go live at 10 am local time on April 13th, focuses on Team Mystic leader Blanche and her beloved Pokémon Lapras. However, many fans have been surprised to discover that Niantic has failed to include the new costume in the game, leaving players with no choice but to deal with crashing servers.

The issue has been especially problematic for those in New Zealand who were among the first to access the event when it went live earlier this morning. Players were excited about finally getting their hands on a customized version of Lapras, complete with an exclusive Blanche-themed outfit – only to realize that it was nowhere to be found within the game itself. Unsurprisingly, this caused immense frustration among fans who had already prepped themselves for what they thought would be an exciting day of catching rare Pokémon in style.

Many players were met with disappointment when they realized that Niantic had forgotten about adding this new accessory into the game, causing it to crash for some users due to an error related specifically to this item's absence from the experience. Players have taken their complaints online, expressing their discontentment over not being able to experience all of what this particular update promised them initially.

All in all, Niantic forgetting about adding the new Blanche Lapras costume created some serious issues while trying out A Mystic Hero, but thanks to quick intervention on their part, everything should be back up and running shortly so that no one misses out on anything regarding this exciting gaming journey!

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