Persona 5 Fans are Left Wondering: Why Sojiro is Ditched from the New Spin-Off?

One of the most beloved characters in Persona 5, Sojiro Sakura, has been ditched from the new mobile spin-off game – Persona 5: The Phantom X. Atlus and Sega recently unveiled this upcoming game to be released exclusively for Chinese smartphone users, and some have already managed to get into the beta version of it. This left many fans wondering why such a beloved character was removed without any explanation given by the developers.

First of all, it's important to note that Sojiro Sakura has always been an integral part of Persona 5 as he served as a father figure to protagonist Ren Amamiya and was also responsible for running Cafe Leblanc, which played a major role in the game's story development. He provided Ren with guidance throughout his journey and was someone he could rely on whenever things got tough or confusing for him. With his removal from the new spin-off, it is understandable why fans are feeling a little bit betrayed by this decision since he had been an important part of their experience playing through Persona 5 previously.

Secondly, there is still no official explanation as to why exactly Atlus decided to remove Sojiro from their new mobile spin-off game though some speculate that it might have something to do with copyright issues or simply not wanting too many characters cluttering up an already busy storyline featuring several protagonists at once. Others have even gone so far as suggesting that perhaps they wanted to make room for other potential newcomers who may be joining up with Ren on his journey in Phantom X instead - but until we hear anything more concrete on this matter, nothing can really be said definitively just yet!

On top of all this mystery surrounding Sojiro's sudden disappearance within The Phantom X, one other thing worth noting here is how much effort went into making sure players would recognize him when they first encountered him within previous games like P5R (Persona 5 Royal). His unique design, combined with his friendly demeanor, made sure gamers would never forget him, so seeing him now absent from what should otherwise be familiar territory feels quite jarring indeed.

In conclusion, although there may never actually be an official reason behind why Atlus chose not to include Sojiro Sakura in their latest mobile spin-off title – Persona 5: The Phantom X – one thing remains certain; fans around the world will definitely miss having such an important character by their side during their adventures throughout Tokyo’s underworlds!

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