Riding High on Success: Lords of the Fallen Hits a Million Sales

From the creators of Lords of the Fallen, Hexworks has managed to overcome the initial roadblocks to establish a foothold for itself in the RPG arena. With competition from already-established giants like Elden Ring or Baldur's Gate 3, Hexworks' offering may have been the less anticipated release of the year. Yet, the game has surpassed expectations — it has sold more than a million copies!

Imbued with inspiration from FromSoftware, the pioneer of the souls-like genre, Hexworks has been clear about its intentions. The studio aspires to be the second point of reference in the genre, a lofty aspiration considering the competitive environment of the gaming industry. Lords of the Fallen, with its punishing difficulties and atmospheric world, has certainly made a mark in carving out that place.

Despite the game's considerable success, the route could have been smoother. The game's unexpected ambushes and excessively challenging group battles were not met with enthusiasm, causing players to enter their first playthrough with trepidation. However, as players return for subsequent playthroughs, there is an increased sense of enjoyment, thanks to the formidable boss fights and the intriguingly macabre world. 

The highlight of the game is the unique feature — the Lantern. This item carries the capability to allow players to step into the realm of the dead, adding an eerie and chilling layer to an already dark fantasy world. Whether it's for the complex puzzle-solving tasks or the rich, chilling atmosphere, Lord of the Fallen's eerie blue-filtered land of the dead has left an unforgettable imprint on the players.

Despite mixed reviews, the recent downturn in performance-related complaints suggests improved post-launch patches. There seems to be greater dissatisfaction with the lack of support for co-op play, something that the game developers are looking to address shortly. With the promise of continuous improvement and admirable ambition, Hexworks has positioned 'Lords of the Fallen' as a robust competitor within the RPG gaming industry, signaling the studio's commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences.

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