Saints Row Announces Final Expansion Song of Ice and Dust

Game developers Volition and Deep Silver have announced that the final extension of the beloved game Saints Row is on the horizon. Named A Song of Ice and Dust, a cheeky parody of George R.R. Martin's fantasy saga is slated for release on Tuesday, August 8th. A new storyline is set to unfold in the expansion, with characters Bossonius and Gwendolyn Firebird rallying to protect The DustFaire from an emerging enemy after an ambush wreaks havoc upon the Dustlanders.

Following the release of previous expansions titled The Heist and the Hazardous and Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus, this final expansion is a highly anticipated addition to the Saints Row universe. Moreover, the game developers have further enriched the gameplay experience with the release of a free update labeled Patch 1.5, titled 'Dustfaire', accentuating the continuous drive to improve and evolve the gaming experience for the players.

'Dustfaire' represents the next phase in the evolution of Saints Row, incorporating the additional district Vallejo, following Sunshine Springs into the gaming landscape as a post-launch update. Apart from introducing the new region, the update enhances gameplay through a plethora of bug fixes and quality-of-life additions.

This significant patch introduces improved clothing layer support, allowing for a more sophisticated character customization experience. Adjustments have been made to the late-game encounters' difficulty levels on harder modes, delivering better-balanced and challenging gameplay. Among other additions are new vehicles, emoticons, and clothing items from the A Song of Ice and Dust DLC and enhanced visual effects for when the player is wet.

The final exciting announcement for fans is Saints Row's arrival on Steam on August 24th, one day after the original launch anniversary. Previously, the game was a timed exclusive for the Epic Games Store on PC. This development completes the final chapter of the Saints Row experience, making A Song of Ice and Dust a much-touted closure to a deeply engaging gaming saga.

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