The Grand Theft Auto V 'Bottom Dollar Bounties' update empowers you to emerge as a hero in the pursuit of justice

The multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V is set to be enhanced with a fresh content update arriving the following week. Starting on June 25th, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with the law's ally, Trevor Philips, and his colleague, Maude Eccles. They will entrust you and your crew with a series of bounty pursuits.

In these pursuits, you will predominantly partner with Maude's offspring, Jeanette, as you work to impose a unique form of order on the streets of Los Santos. This update will introduce a fleet of new transport options and a slew of novel objectives, including an assortment of additional races to the Rockstar Creator's offerings.

Although many enthusiasts are eagerly marking their calendars in anticipation of Grand Theft Auto VI, the developers ensure that Grand Theft Auto V remains a vibrant and appealing playground by continuously injecting new elements for players to explore. This ensures that the thrill of the game's underworld antics stays fresh and continuous, providing a robust line-up of experiences leading up to the much-awaited release in the latter months of 2025.


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