TikTok Debuts Its ‘Sound on’ Program in an Effort to Support Independent Musicians

TikTok is looking for ways to assist indie musicians and increase their visibility on the platform. And it has discovered a way to do so through a new project called SoundOn. This new project will allow musicians to license their work for use on both TikTok and its associated streaming platform Resso.

TikTok has stated that SoundOn will allow musicians to directly upload their songs to TikTok and earn by way of royalties every time their music is played. 

SoundOn will pay the indie artists on the platform 100 percent of their royalties for the first year. Following that, the artist will receive 90% of the proceeds, and SoundOn will provide various tools to help promote the artist and their music, as well as any necessary support. Furthermore, SoundOn artists will be free to distribute their music to other platforms as they see fit.

As we all know, music is a very important aspect of TikTok; according to surveys, 9 out of 10 people who use the platform regard sound as very important. With this in mind, the platform continues to look for ways to give indie artists more opportunities to increase their presence and visibility, as well as to help give their work some exposure. 

TikTok collaborated with UnitedMasters in 2020 to help the careers of indie artists grow on the app, and SoundOn is the next step in that process. It also aids in the creation of a direct link between the artist and the platform.

It will be interesting to see how artists use this initiative and how it will impact future music trends. It will also be interesting to see how it helps new artists build a presence online while also opening doors for them to work with various brands. SoundOn is only available in a few countries right now. 

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