TikTok Expands Messaging with Video Stickers Feature

TikTok is making messaging more fun and interactive with the launch of its new video sticker feature. The social media platform has quietly rolled out these animated stickers, which work just like GIFs in direct messages, allowing users to express themselves in a much more engaging way.

The video stickers are an expansion of TikTok’s existing sticker feature, which was first launched last December. Similar to how the original sticker feature works, users can browse through popular video stickers uploaded by other users or create their own user content from their liked and posted videos. To create your own custom sticker, you simply select the “create sticker” option when sending a message and then choose a video from your list of favorites or posts.

What makes this new addition so great is that it allows users to be creative and make unique expressions without having to search for GIFs on third-party sites. In addition, because it uses your own content or content from others you follow, it gives people more control over what they share with friends and family members in direct messages. That said, the feature does come with some limitations – for example, there is currently no way to edit or customize the length of the created sticker, but overall this is a welcome addition for those who don’t want to search endlessly for GIFs online every time they want something new or different in their conversations.

In terms of usability, this new update should be quite straightforward as creating one’s own video sticker isn't particularly difficult – all you have to do is pick a suitable video clip from one's library before selecting the "Create Sticker" option when sending off messages. Moreover, even if someone doesn't feel like creating his/her own custom image, he/she can still scroll through popular ones uploaded by other users across various topics ranging from foodie vibes to music culture, etc.

Overall this should be seen as another positive step towards improving user experience on TikTok while at the same time giving them access to additional customization options within their personal conversations, something that'll surely add more fun & creative element into daily interactions among friends & family members alike.

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