TikTok Plans to Expand Its Reach Into Mobile Gaming

Information from sources within the company, as well as from the Financial Times, suggests that TikTok plans to make a gaming channel on its app. This came as no surprise, as the company has repeatedly mentioned a desire to expand its influence in the gaming industry this year.

In TikTok's view, the introduction of mobile games in the application will be carried out by adding a separate tab, through which users can go to the section with mobile games. Similar to the methods of generating income on other apps, TikTok games will be supported primarily through advertising, as well as in-app purchases.

So far, it is difficult to talk about the timing of the implementation of this idea, which will primarily affect the audience in Europe. Meanwhile, Chinese residents have had access to mobile games for a long time, as they use the Chinese version of an app called Douyin, which has had access to mobile games for several years.

In the meantime, rumors about the exact timing may be dispelled during the TikTok Made Me Play It game event, which will take place on November 2. And given that the keynote speakers will be from major gaming companies 2K Games and Electronic Arts, it's possible that this will reveal TikTok's plans for in-app mobile games. Information presented on the event's official website also hints that the main focus will be on the importance of mobile games.

The main intrigue is whether TikTok, taking on this industry, will be as successful as it was in other projects, or will it fail, similarly to Facebook and Snapchat, which utterly failed in an attempt to get into the promising niche of mobile games. Also, due to a number of economic problems, the mobile games market has slowed down significantly, which is not a good moment to start.

Will TikTok succeed in creating engaging mobile games? How soon do you think the gaming channel appear in the app? Please share your opinion below.


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