Valve Issues a New Patch That Lets Beta Steam Deck Users Skip the Opening Video

Since first launching its handheld gaming computer in February 2022, Valve has been continuously releasing software patches designed to improve the Steam Deck device and make users’ experience with it even more enjoyable. While the latest October update (currently only available to Steam Deck beta users) might not be the most significant to date, it did bring along a few noteworthy tweaks and changes.

The most recent Steam Deck update is currently available for download and features a few meaningful adjustments that the players have long been asking and hoping for. Perhaps the best change here is the ability for users to skip the opening animation sequence shown when the platform is fired up and go straight to playing their favorite games. By hitting the B button during the startup movie, users can bypass the video and go directly into the main menu. This alteration could help save valuable seconds (or minutes, for those who have chosen a longer movie as their show-opener.)

In addition, Valve has made it possible to view system details like serial and model numbers in the Steam Deck's settings. The new patch also added the auto-correct functionality for Store and Library search results and introduced the option that allows adding custom menu icons.

Last but not least, a handful of bug fixes have been made to ensure the use of the Steam Deck device is smooth and hitch-free. More specifically, the developer has corrected an issue that had the audio play too quietly even if the user set the volume high. To see a full list of changes included in the latest Steam Deck update, please visit the official website of the company.

Have you updated your Steam Deck device with the latest patch yet? What other improvements and adjustments do you want to see? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments section below this post!


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