WhatsApp Will Now Allow Users to Text Themselves Using Linked Devices and More

WhatsApp is always hard at work when it comes to introducing new features. This time, the Meta-owned messaging app will feature a survey chat where they plan to collect feedback from users regarding their products and features. Also, the app developers are reportedly testing a function that will allow users to send messages to themselves using linked devices.

When it comes to the in-app survey, WhatsApp will allegedly be able to send requests to users to start a chat. If you don’t want to participate, you can simply decline to receive such requests from the company. It is important to mention that the feedback that the company will get is supposed to be private. This feature will be offered to a few users at first, and such surveys are not supposed to contain information for users.

As for the messaging from linked devices, this is an interesting feature that will allegedly be available for WhatsApp users. This feature is apparently a continuation of the multi-device support that appeared this year. With this feature, users will be able to send themselves messages between devices that they link.

Right now, WhatsApp displays a conversation with a user’s number only when they use the primary device. The feature is not supported when multiple devices are used. Now, with the upcoming functions users that look for contacts on WhatsApp for Desktop will notice their names on the list. Also, the chat will be displayed if you try to log in to WhatsApp from a new smartphone.

According to the tracker, this feature will soon appear in WhatsApp for iOS and Android but it is currently being developed.
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