Young Horses Offers Four Free Side Projects on Steam for Gaming Enthusiasts

Young Horses, the developer behind popular games like Octodad and Bugsnax, has released a series of four "smaller side projects" on Steam, which are available for free. These games may not be as polished or have the same high budget as their more famous counterparts, but they offer a great opportunity for gamers to try out something new without spending any money. As Young Horses puts it, "It's free, so there's only so disappointed you can be!"

The collection of games is called Young Horses: Free Range and includes titles such as IndependANT, Antbassador, Snakedate, and Octodad. Each game offers a unique and interesting gaming experience that showcases the creativity and talent of the developers at Young Horses. From controlling ants in IndependANT to playing as an ambassador for ants in Antbassador, these smaller projects still pack a punch when it comes to entertainment value.

In Snakedate, players get to experience the unusual concept of dating snakes in a game that is described as "part dating sim, part puzzle game." On the other hand, Octodad offers a more familiar experience for fans of Young Horses' previous work. Players control an octopus trying to pass off as a human father while managing everyday tasks and avoiding being discovered by his human family.

These free games serve as an excellent opportunity for players who may not have tried out any of Young Horses' previous releases to get acquainted with their quirky style and unique gameplay concepts. Additionally, it is also a great way for fans of Octodad and Bugsnax to explore more content from their favorite developers without having to spend any money.


This release by Young Horses demonstrates their commitment to delighting fans and providing them with unique gaming experiences. By offering these smaller side projects for free on Steam, they ensure that more gamers can explore their diverse portfolio and enjoy their quirky sense of humor through different gameplay styles. Don't miss out on this opportunity to dive into these fun-filled games from a beloved developer at no cost!

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