A Gamer's Guide To The Best Games Like Mass Effect: Get Ready For An Epic Adventure!

Are you a fan of Mass Effect? Do you long to experience thrilling combat and deep conversations with characters full of life? Then it's time to get out your gaming gear because we've got some outstanding alternatives that will send your heart racing in no time. From sci-fi RPGs to action-adventure titles, these games like Mass Effect are sure to please diehard fans.

The Outer Worlds

If you're looking for a game that feels eerily similar to Mass Effect but has its own unique storyline and characters, then The Outer Worlds is your best bet. It takes place in an alternate future where powerful corporations rule the universe. You play as a character who wakes up from hibernation on a distant planet and must explore their surroundings while dealing with various factions vying for power. Combat is fast-paced and tactical, making it perfect for those who enjoy the combat mechanics of Mass Effect. Plus, you get access to several weapon types and upgrades which allows you to customize your character just how you like it.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Star Wars fans will be pleased to know that there is another game very much like Mass Effect set in this beloved universe – Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (KOTOR). Set thousands of years before the films begin, KOTOR puts players at the heart of a galactic conflict between two warring factions – light-side users representing Jedi powers and dark-side users representing Sith forces. You'll fly across galaxies in search of ancient artifacts while also engaging in thrilling lightsaber battles with enemies along the way. As expected from any classic Star Wars title, KOTOR features plenty of fan service plus some new elements such as influence points which allow players to shape their character's alignment over time according to their actions taken during dialogue scenes or when fighting against foes using either light or dark powers respectively.

Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic game

Horizon Zero Dawn

If intense action and spectacular graphics are more your style, then Horizon Zero Dawn might be just what you're looking for! Developed by Guerilla Games, Horizon follows Aloy as she navigates her post-apocalyptic world filled with robotic dinosaurs. Apart from marveling at stunning visuals that rival those seen in big-budget movies (you'll swear some scenes were crafted by Hollywood!), there's plenty here for gamers hoping to prove their combat prowess too. With fluid melee systems and satisfying ranged weapons at your disposal, every fight feels fresh and exciting, especially when facing off against giant mechanical beasts!

Pillars Of Eternity II - Deadfire

In this critically acclaimed sequel to 2015's Pillars Of Eternity, players will take command of their own ship and travel across an archipelago filled with deadly monsters, powerful wizards, and ancient gods that fight for control of the seas and celestial paths of Eora. With a fascinating storyline filled with memorable characters and challenging tactical battles with both humans and beasts, Deadfire is sure to keep any fan interested until the final moments, even if it doesn't reach the same heights as the Mass Effect series.

The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt

No list would be complete without mentioning The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red's 2015 masterpiece that sent Heralt of Rivia across the expanse of the kingdom of Temeria, searching for monsters, uncovering mysteries, and completing quests along the way. It's hard not to get sucked into the intricacy of the storylines, especially when every decision made has real weight to the outcome. While the battles are not as flashy and polished as in the Mass Effect series, they are more than compensated for by the depth of character interaction and the branching paths of the story.

The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt game

Dragon Age Inquisition

One of BioWare's most beloved franchises also offers a thrilling sci-fi adventure intertwined with fantasy elements, something that only got better with two sequels released in 2014 sequel Dragon Age: Inquisition, which gave fans the largest world yet to discover during one hundred hours of gameplay the possibilities are almost endless when comes customizing party members use different abilities during battles to ultimately decide the fate of the many nations found the map.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the conclusion of the story arc begun by 2011's Human Revolution, a prequel offering a cyberpunk-inspired story in which order-driven technology brings justice to chaos depending on the path chosen during the game. Players will be able to use body-altering augmentations to make protagonist Adam Jensen a virtually unstoppable force, destroying enemies either stealthily or violently, depending on how one chooses to approach each situation. A huge variety of missions takes place in the streets of virtual Prague, which makes the game interesting and the replayability factor is also on a high level here thanks to several endings available based on the choices made during the passing, so if you want another dose of sci-fi action after passing the previous parts of this franchise, you should pay attention to Mankind Divided!


And finally, last, but certainly not least, the 2016 turn-based strategy XCOM 2 with a squad of elite soldiers tasked with saving humanity from an alien invasion that has spread around the world and is wreaking havoc everywhere. Like the others previously mentioned, momentous decisions await at every turn. Building your team, upgrading your weapon's base, and ultimately determining the final outcome of the conflict, whether good or bad, depends entirely on the player, creating a truly unique experience every time you play, so anyone who needs to move away from the traditional first-person shooter formula embodied in the likes of Mass Effect should try the latest installment of XCOM without hesitation!

In conclusion, while we can skip the universe created by one of our favorite sci-fi RPGs (Mass Effect), there is certainly no shortage of other games capable of providing just as much thrill, although the other genres presented above serve as evidence that, while abandoned, still influence the industry today, inspiring countless developers to create amazing experiences in the genre itself and beyond!

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