Alternatives to the Apocalypse: Top-5 Games Similar to Darksiders III

Darksiders III is arguably a masterpiece with its expansive, post-apocalyptic world riddled with demons and angels, captivating story, and engaging, hack-and-slash gameplay. However, if you are looking forward to experiencing something as thrilling and challenging as Darksiders III, or if you've played it and are searching for new similar games, look no further. This article will walk you through the top five games that resonate with the Darksiders series' charm, each presenting unique twists and intriguing narratives.

1. God of War (2018)

God of War game

Available on PlayStation 4, God of War (2018) offers an exhilarating mix of strategic, action-packed combat, stunning graphics, and a rich storyline, making it an excellent alternative to Darksiders III.

Gameplay and Setting

Set within the untamed forests, mountains, and realms of Norse lore, you play as Kratos, the former Greek God of War, who now must master his rage and provide for his son Atreus amidst deadly threats. Combat is a core aspect of the game, with Kratos wielding the magical Leviathan Axe that can be thrown and summoned back. Atreus, with his magical arrows, can assist Kratos in battles and solving environmental puzzles. Moreover, the RPG elements include upgrading both Kratos and Atreus' skills, armors, and weapons.


Kratos and Atreus embark on a touching, deep, and personal journey to spread the ashes of Kratos’ wife and Atreus' mother atop the highest peak of the nine realms. Along the way, they encounter figures of Norse mythology, confront their own past, and learn valuable lessons about their relationship.

2. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 game

Capcom's Devil May Cry 5, available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, is a stylish action-adventure game similar in many ways to Darksiders III in both plot complexity and gameplay mechanics.

Gameplay and Setting

Taking place in Red Grave City, overwhelmed by demonic invasion, players control three characters, each offering distinct fighting styles: Dante, Nero, and the mysterious V. Combat centers around devastating, flashy combos, using a variety of melee and ranged weapons, and summoning creatures. The game is divided into mission-based levels punctuated with colossal boss battles.


The narrative unfolds as the demon hunter trio investigates the cause behind the sudden demonic infestation in the city, which leads to the revelation of an impending apocalyptic event and individual character arc resolutions.

3. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands game

Although different in setting and premise, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands shares the puzzle-solving, combat, and wall-climbing mechanics found in Darksiders III. It is available on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

Gameplay and Setting

Set amidst the grandeur of the ancient Persian kingdom, players control the Prince and use his acrobatics to traverse precarious environments. The game's unique selling point is the ability to manipulate time and elements allowing for stunning combat moves and puzzle solving.


Inserted into the seven-year gap of the original trilogy, the game follows the Prince who, in search of his brother, Malik, confronts an ancient evil let loose in Malik's kingdom. The Prince must prevent this evil from consuming the world.

4. Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 logo

From the developers of Devil May Cry series, Bayonetta 2 is a critically acclaimed action-adventure game that combines fast-paced, stylish combat with a dynamic narrative, making it one of the worthy alternatives to Darksiders III. It is available on Nintendo Switch.

Gameplay and Setting

Players control Bayonetta, a witch with insane combat skills and shape-shifting abilities, in a fantastical, vibrantly designed world. The gameplay emphasizes combos, dodging, weapon variety, and "Witch Time", a mechanic which slows time after a successful dodge, allowing for damage maximization.


The narrative revolves around Bayonetta's journey through Inferno, Paradiso, and the human world to save her friend Jeanne's soul. Along the way, she unravels the truth about her past and the supernatural world she inhabits.

5. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 game

For those craving a gothic, atmospheric game similar to Darksiders III, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, available on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, is a perfect choice.

Gameplay and Setting

Players assume the role of Dracula in a modern, gothic version of Castlevania filled with grotesque creatures. The game focuses on open-world exploration, puzzle-solving, and hack-and-slash combat. Dracula’s vampiric abilities allow him to transform into mist or a horde of rats to bypass obstacles, making the exploration all the more engaging.


As Dracula, you aim to regain your powers to defeat Satan, who threatens to bring about the apocalypse. The narrative unfolds in a non-linear manner as you delve into the present and past experiences of Dracula, discovering his tragic history and the roles of various characters in his fate.

These alternatives to Darksiders III are sure to satiate your appetite for engaging narratives, stimulating combat mechanics, jaw-dropping visuals, and mythic elements. Often, fans of a particular game seek similar experiences within the same genre to relive the exhilaration and thrill. With these alternatives, you will continue to enjoy the action-adventure genre, and exploring the diverse worlds, characters, and narratives may also enhance your appreciation for games like the Darksiders series. Happy gaming!

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