Best Games To Help Improve Your Mental Abilities

Research has proven that if you improve your active recall as well as your long-term memory it can give a boost to your productivity, decision-making skills, and organizational skills.

It can also lower stress levels and increase happiness while at work. However, improving your memory like anything worthwhile takes time and regular effort to exercise the brain.

This article will outline various memory games and how they can help you boost memory and other brain function. 

What are memory games?

These are games that are designed to be fun yet thought enough to exercise your mind and improve your memory. Research has revealed that spending at least 15 minutes a day to train your brain can help boost its abilities. 

Below will be a list of games that can help you boost your mental capabilities: 

Jigsaw Puzzles

This is one effective game that helps to exercise the brain because it requires you to use both the right and left sides of the brain at the same time. They also help strengthen your synapses which in turn improves mental agility and short-term memory. Jigsaw puzzles also reinforce your visual and spatial reasoning due to you having to view different pictures as you try to figure out how they all fit to make the big picture. 

Rebus puzzles

This is another puzzle game that works very well when trying to improve your mental abilities. To play, players must have knowledge of various expressions and cliches and try to remember them to solve the puzzles. 


This game is very popular and you might even see it behind most newspapers. It improves memory retrieval and helps to stimulate various parts of the brain due to players needing to think strategically as well creatively in order to solve the problems presented in the game. It can also increase your concentration and problem-solving skills. 


This is a popular game that is played mostly by children but it is also good for developing memory as well as retention skill, especially in children. The game requires you to flip 2 cards, then you have to remember the matching cards. To make it more difficult you can use more cards and put them in a messier arrangement, The brain has to work harder to figure them out as a result. 

Multitasking Games

These are games that require you to perform a variety of actions at the same time. Video games are a good example and they can help you to improve memory, as well as active recall. 

Here are a couple of extra tips to help you better your mental state so that you can have a better performance in your place of work 


You may have heard this a lot recently and may think it’s just a trend but research has shown that meditation can increase the volume of gray matter in your brain which will lead to an increase in both your memory and your cognitive abilities. Meditation is relaxing and enhances short-term memory in people of all ages. 

Get Enough Sleep

When it comes to improving your memory, sleep plays a very critical role, as this is when your short-term memory becomes long-term. It is recommended that you try to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night. 


When you perform a task focus on only that task. If you are multitasking you will not give your brain enough time to properly encode whatever information you are trying to process. 

In Summary

Your mind is like a muscle with enough training you can get it to be the best it can be. We hope this was helpful. 

What other memory-improving games do you know of? Please leave them in the comment section below.

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