Is Firefly Worth It? Exploring Firefly’s Eidolons in Honkai: Star Rail

Firefly is widely regarded as one of the most cherished characters in Honkai: Star Rail. Her formidable combat abilities certainly play a role in her popularity, but it is her intriguing backstory in the Penacony story quest that truly endears her to fans, revealing the complex nature of the Iron Cavalry Knight.

With her banner now available, many players are grappling with a key decision: Should they invest in pulling for Firefly multiple times to unlock her Eidolons? This guide provides an in-depth look at Firefly’s Eidolons to help you determine whether they are worth your time and resources.

Understanding Firefly’s Base Strength

Understanding Firefly’s Base Strength

Even without her Eidolons, Firefly is an exceptionally strong character in Honkai: Star Rail. Her base abilities already place her among the top-tier characters in the game, especially with her utility in Breaking enemy Toughness and causing chaos with her enhanced speed (SPD). However, her base strength is just the beginning. To truly understand if investing in her Eidolons is worth it, we need to look at each one in detail.

E1: In Reddened Chrysalis, I Once Rest

The first Eidolon offers substantial support to Firefly’s overall performance:

  • When using Enhanced Skills, she ignores 15% of the target's DEF.
  • The Enhanced Skill does not consume Skill Points (SP).

Why is this important? At her base level (E0), Firefly’s primary limitation is her reliance on Skill Points, which makes her somewhat less efficient in longer battles. E1 completely alleviates this issue by allowing her to use her Enhanced Skills without consuming SP, transforming her into a highly SP-friendly unit. Additionally, ignoring 15% of an enemy’s DEF is a significant boost for any DPS character, making her attacks far more effective. This Eidolon alone can make a noticeable difference in her performance, making it worth aiming for.

E2: From Shattered Sky, I Free Fall

If you aim to maximize Firefly’s potential, E2 is a must-have for several reasons:

  • When using Enhanced Basic ATK or Enhanced Skill in Complete Combustion state, defeating an enemy or causing a Weakness Break grants an extra turn.
  • This effect can recur after one turn.

Upon Lighted Fyrefly, I Soon Gaze

E2 doubles down on the benefits provided by E1, effectively allowing Firefly to spam her Enhanced Basic ATK and Enhanced Skills without any SP restrictions. The extra turn mechanism is particularly powerful, making Firefly one of the most formidable characters in any game mode. This Eidolon allows her to exert sustained pressure on enemies, significantly increasing her utility and making her indispensable in various scenarios.

E4: Upon Lighted Fyrefly, I Soon Gaze

Given the powerful nature of her E1 and E2, it’s not surprising that E4 feels underwhelming in comparison:

  • Increases SAM's Effect RES by 50% while in the Complete Combustion state.

This Eidolon adds an extra layer of protection, but it's largely unnecessary given Firefly’s already substantial defenses and abilities from previous Eidolons. While additional resistance to effects can be useful, it doesn’t dramatically impact her combat effectiveness. Thus, E4 is generally considered low priority unless you’re a completionist aiming for all her Eidolons.

E6: In Finalized Morrow, I Full Bloom

E6 turns Firefly from a strong character into a veritable powerhouse:

  • Increases SAM's Fire RES PEN by 20%.
  • Boosts the Weakness Break efficiency by 50% when using the Enhanced Basic ATK or Enhanced Skill.

In Finalized Morrow, I Full Bloom

With this Eidolon, Firefly gains an extraordinary ability to shatter enemy Toughness, enabling her to break through most defenses effortlessly. Given that she already benefits from additional Break Efficiency, E6 amplifies this trait, making her almost unstoppable. Paired with supports like Ruan Mei, Firefly’s capacity to break enemy Toughness becomes unparalleled, solidifying her place as a must-have character in pure fiction runs and difficult game modes. The added Fire RES PEN further enhances her utility, ensuring her attacks penetrate enemy defenses more effectively.

Should You Aim for Firefly’s Eidolons?

In conclusion, Firefly is an outstanding character even without her Eidolons. However, securing her Eidolons, particularly the E1 and E2, propels her into a league of her own. These Eidolons address her weaknesses and significantly boost her strengths, making her a more versatile and formidable fighter.

While E4 may not add much value, E6 once again elevates her performance, making her an essential asset in various challenging scenarios. If you’re a fan of Firefly and have the resources to invest in her banner, aiming for her Eidolons, especially the first two, is a worthwhile endeavor. Doing so not only enhances her combat effectiveness but also allows you to fully experience one of the game’s most beloved characters in all her glory.

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