Speedrunner LilAggy Achieves Impossible Task in Elden Ring with Over a Thousand Tries

A legendary speedrunner by the name of LilAggy has achieved what seems beyond belief in the gaming world. He managed to complete Elden Ring, a popular demanding game, without taking a single hit while also randomizing every aspect - from enemies to bosses to items, excluding some vital ones.

The rules LilAggy set for himself were extreme and punishing. The basic goal was to avoid any hits from enemies or traps, although a special allowance was made for the unpreventable 'Nihil' attack from Mohg, Lord of Blood. The game's foes and items were randomized, making the journey unpredictable and challenging. Unlike traditional Elden Ring games, LilAggy had to adapt and make the best out of whatever random elements he encountered.

Additionally, specific restrictions such as defeating the initial boss, Grafted Scion, prohibitions on quitting the game or using the Memory of Grace item were in place. Also, each defeat necessitated re-randomizing the game, leading to over a thousand tries before the successful run.

The victorious round, broadcasted on Twitch, took about four and a half hours. Noteworthy random elements included swapping Margit, an early and comparatively simpler boss character, with the challenging Godskin Duo. Towards the end, Radagon was replaced by Fallingstar Beast, and Elden Beast was replaced by Erdtree Avatar, which were generally easier to handle.

This achievement places LilAggy in the ranks of the most accomplished gamers, and it will be fascinating to see what challenge he tackles next when the DLC expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, arrives.

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