Unlocking Secrets of Assassin's Creed Mirage: A Holy Hoard Enigma Guide

Assassin's Creed Mirage might concentrate its setting within the dense city of Baghdad instead of the vast landscape introduced in its predecessor, Assassin's Creed Valhalla. However, this city has its own array of mysteries tucked within its heritage-filled corners. One such puzzle that players can unravel is called 'A Holy Hoard Enigma,' which presents a map drawing for the treasure hunt. Finding and solving this Enigma rewards players with the exclusive Tan Abbasad Knight outfit dye for Basim.

Locating the A Holy Hoard Enigma Scroll in Baghdad

Locating the A Holy Hoard Enigma Scroll in Baghdad

Stashed away in a small building within the Harbiyah district lies the A Holy Hoard Enigma scroll. This clandestine location might often go undetected by players. For easy discovery, place a marker on your map to navigate Basim to a tiny block of houses situated west of the Princes Gate.

If you have already explored this area, you can leverage the synchronized viewpoint located west of the Princes Palace. Following the wall west of the Princes Gate, keep guiding Basim till the Enigma location pops up. Should you still not find the location, employ Basim's eagle vision to locate it. Enter the ground floor of the empty house and look closely on the shelf between the two ornamental pots to find the Enigma.

Deciphering the A Holy Hoard Enigma

Upon their successful search operation, players need to turn their attention to solving the Enigma. On reading the clue, they will find that the treasure is suggested to be hidden near a monastery under a large tree. This might seem quite a task, but to simplify your quest, consider heading towards the historical Nestorian Monastery, situated east of Greeks' Gate in Harbiyah.

This Monastery marks the northernmost point of Harbiyah and has a viewpoint on its top that players can fast-travel provided they have previously unlocked it. Place your marker on the massive tree that stands to the right of the Monastery, walk or run towards it, and search under its shade.

Claiming your Reward: The Tan Abbasad Knight Outfit Dye

Claiming your Reward The Tan Abbasad Knight Outfit Dye

Once you have identified and reached the spot under the large tree, look for your loot, the Tan Abbasad Knight outfit dye. This will allow Basim to add an exclusive tint to his Abbasas Knight armor. Celebrate your successful treasure hunt and deck up Basim in the exciting new armor color.

This walkthrough serves as a handy guide for all players embarking on their journey to solve Assassin’s Creed Mirage's A Holy Hoard Enigma quest, a true test of their explorative skills and mapping intelligence. Maps, hints, and rewards converge to form an enthralling game experience. Happy gaming!

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