Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans Review — Wrath of the Clan


The clash of Сlans is a strategy game where players' main goal is to obtain the maximum number of trophies. As with the classic board games, there are two main phases, building, and action. The foundation phase is all about setting up your village. As a currency, you can use gold and purple elixir.  As your village expands, you can build new constructions that provide new ways of defense and attack.

The village upgrade depends on the town hall incline, so it happens in steps. You settle the resources that you need to improve the town hall, and then it takes some time until you rebuild the village following the opportunities that open up. As in any level-by-level game, everything is quick and simple at first, but it gets more complicated with a new level. An important part of the construction phase is protecting your village from enemies.

You can choose the right defense and try to predict what your opponent will do. You also have a shield that prevents other players from attacking you for a while, so you can reconsider your current actions and improve your defense. You can replace gold or elixir with stones if one of the resources has run out, but the reverse replacement cannot be done. You start with a couple of hundred pebbles and can earn them for free by completing in-game tasks.


Clash of Clans content exceeds the limit, so some graphics will not load until you encounter them. This means that after the update, some elements in the game may turn out to be blurry. It loads while you play. So don't worry — the graphics in Clash of Clans will always be of high quality. It just might take some time to download after the update. Clash of Clans is distinguished primarily by more realistic graphics and the setting of modern warfare.


The larger screen allows for more meaningful placement of buildings in the village. However, on a tablet, it's not convenient to check every few hours how things are going in the village. But, you have the possibility of synchronization between different Android devices, so that the village can be monitored from different devices.


Clash of Clans is so well done that it makes you remember yourself at any free moment, and so friendly that parents can play with their children. If you've heard about the game but were just about to try it, it's time to do it! The goal of the game is to develop your base, repel attacks, and attack other players. We consider Clash of Clans as one of the best representatives in the App and Google Store.

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