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Lyft Review. Good Ride Is Safe Ride

Ride features and experience

With this app, you can choose almost any type of rides and different vehicles, adjusting your preferences and needs. It can be a splitting ride, van-type trip, and so on. Discover the description of each option after a long press on the relevant icon. However, there is no wheelchair compatible option.

Select the destination point on a map or enter the address in the search box. But you can do this only after requesting a driver. Most car service users get used to doing it simultaneously. The good thing is that in case the driver turns you down, the app starts searching for a new one automatically.

Payment and rate options

Choose a convenient way to pay for your trips using PayPal or a credit card. After every ride you, the receipt will be sent to your email. Your ride history is available in the app with the cost data as well. The perk of this service is that there is no surge pricing, so you will not be charged for traffic issues, late time, or longer routes.

As soon as you are satisfied with the ride, you can tip the driver as much as you prefer. Regardless of your experience, you can rate the drive with stars, leave comments about the height or possible issues, or select from the offered four skills you wish the driver would work on.

Authorization process

You can sign up for this service using your email or Facebook account. You need to set the password and assign your phone number via the verification code. After this, you adjust the payment options and personal data. After this, you receive access to the app features and get matched with drivers in seconds. Also, you can choose from the nine different riding options.


Lyft is a friendly service for both drivers and passengers. It has major car service issues and a convenient user interface. However, it still misses some options for customized rides.


  • Colored and easy-to-use app
  • Variety of riding options and vehicles
  • Automatic driver search renewal
  • Tipping and rating options.


  • Not available worldwide
  • No wheelchair friendly options.

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 9

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