Garmin Connect™

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Garmin Connect Review. Fitness Made Simple

Bright colors highlight the buttons and the parameters on display. The text and the numbers are clear and visible, so it is not a problem to distinct the information on the screen. When you open the app, the first thing you see is the information about your activity in the last 24 hours.

The navigation is understandable and intuitive, which meets the expectations and requirements of the modern user. The main sections have the icons on the screen, and you can easily navigate without searching for the needed button.

Main Features

The Garmin Connect™ app allows storing and monitoring your health data. Also, all your activities like the number of steps or miles you have walked, or how many calories have you lost. Analyze your results and compare them to relevant statistics. Set goals and achieve them with long-term activity data. All your achievements will be marked with special badges. There is a social feature where you can compare your results with other Garmin Connect users.

The app, in connection with the Garmin device, can monitor your sleep, the energy level. Female users can even track their period. The calendar option is a convenient way to keep all data in one place.

Training Plans

Get access to the database of the training plans designed for various types of activities like running, cycling, etc. They can be chosen according to your heart rate and the frequency of training.

Adjust your training with the ability to craft and upload custom workout plans. The routes can also be added to your app, so the watches on your hand will guide you during the run. There is even the option to add notes and photos to remember the places.

Final thoughts

Garmin app is a good app for recording your running and activity data. It has all the required features to monitor your health, as well as to set running goals and achieve them.

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