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Snapchat Review: If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, a Snap is Worth a Million!

Design and navigation: Smoking Hot

The interface is designed in a stylish and very user-friendly way. Despite Snapchat offers a variety of features, it is easy and convenient to navigate through different sections of the app and find the exact feature you need. It might take a few minutes to understand what is where, but you will understand how much effort was put in structuring the app once you figure it out. Content sharing is also made very simple. You only need to configure several settings before sharing a photo or a video. You will be most probably impressed by the amount of features available in Snapchat and by how beautifully they are fit in the app.

Features and usability: Swiss Knife

Snapchat is popular for a reason: there are so many trendy features, it is even hard to list them all. First, you can share content with limited watching time and configure for how many seconds the receiver will be able to see it. Second, you can post stories and make geolocation-linked content, which will be discovered by people nearby. Third, you can have chats with your friends and configure your profile. Many people also love Snapchat for the amount of camera filters and masks it offers. This might already be impressive, but it is only the top of Snapchat. There are many more for you to discover.

Security: Not as Private as You Might Think

Despite the content is available for a short time, it is still stored on Snapchat servers, making it vulnerable to hacker attacks. The abovementioned geolocation feature implies the app stores data about where you were as well. The company has been part in several security scandals, so you should think twice before sharing anything sensitive there.

Verdict: Snap Me

Despite its security issues, Snapchat is still one of the most loved social apps available. It offers unique features and has its app designed pretty well, so there are no reasons to skip it. However, you should be cautious with the content you share.

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