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It brings together elements of platform-based gaming with deeper philosophical themes that resonate throughout the play experience. In this review, we explore the intricate webs of gameplay, story, action, and graphics that make Humanity so alluring. 

Immersive Storyline and Gameplay Mechanics

Humanity introduces you to a unique role, a glowing Shiba Inu dog, under the guidance of a disembodied voice. Your noble task is guiding large crowds of people toward an ethereal light beam that leads them to a better place. The game cleverly equates this with a service dog guiding its blind owner, introducing an emotional thread that ties you to your mission. The commands - turn left, right, jump, push, float among others - ensure your crowd doesn't meet a tragic end. This innovative gameplay, combined with a unique storyline, creates an immersive player experience like no other. 

The Perfectly Balanced Challenge

With Humanity, the challenge presented is meticulously calculated. Starting on a simplified note with easy commands, the game steadily builds your skill, throwing in new challenges and variations along the way. Distinctly, the challenge rises logically rather than randomly, ensuring the game never gets overwhelming. However don't be fooled! As you unlock higher levels with more commands, the game significantly amplifies its demand, testing your mastery of the commands. 

A Test of Strategy, Timing, and Adaptability 

The game is not simply demanding in terms of problem-solving, but it challenges your creativity and adaptability. With multiple possible answers to a puzzle, Humanity pushes you to think outside the box and continuously adapt your strategy. Often, conventional solutions lead to dead ends, and the seemingly absurd ones create a path. 

Peculiar Tinge of Philosophy

While Humanity doesn't sell itself as a narrative-focused game, there's an intriguing sense of depth to it. As you advance through the levels, the previously straightforward premise sprawls into a conversation about humanity at large and the importance of teamwork in surmounting challenges.

An Addictive Combination of Graphics and Unique Features 

Although the eye-catching graphics and unique gameplay elements make for an engaging experience the real charm of Humanity lies in unlocking new commands and interacting with different elements. The “fight” command, for example, adds a layer of arcade action gameplay to the mix when confronting the "other" antagonist group.

A Game with a Distinction 

In essence, the game Humanity presents a unique, intriguing venture into the realms of arcade action gameplay , strategic thinking, and philosophical notions. It beautifully intertwines these elements together, creating a mesmerizing experience that keeps you hooked. With its unique concept and nuanced gameplay , Humanity establishes itself as a stand-out title in the world of puzzle-action games. With both stunning visuals and intricate gameplay, it doesn't simply challenge your gaming skills, it stimulates your mind, offering an altogether new perspective on gaming.


  • The game’s intricate and unique concept is a fresh and welcome change
  • Their seamless balance of gradually increasing difficulty is commendable
  • Humanity successfully blends strategic gameplay with philosophical undertones.


  • Some players might find the learning curve too steep
  • The game could frustrate those looking for a well-defined narrative framework.

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 9

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 6

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